Thursday, July 14, 2016

What a Finish!


Thanks for the Sacrament meeting subject, (talk about your mission)..... I hate not having any direction to go but hey such is life! I guess I just talk about what I've been up to for the last couple of years. I will definitely be talking about freedom Dad! I love America ( MURICA), Haha!!

The baptism of Courteney and Brianna was so amazing!!!! We had quite a few people show up and everything just went very smoothly. I had the privilege of being able to baptize both of them and what a privilege that was. What a way to finish off my work here in England. Not that I am done but yeah that will probably be the last big event of my mission. But is was a very special time especially for the girls and Patricia.

Courteney is next to me in the red and Brianna is two away from Elder Lam next to the pink hat.

That's way cool that Kristen and Nate are moving up to Bountiful! I bet now we will be seeing a lot more of them. That is exciting that they have extended the parade route. I wish so badly that I could have gone with you guys! I miss salt water taffy! They don't have it over here in England and it is just a shame because it is amazing! So if there just happened to be some watermelon and caramel apple taffy's around when I get home that would be much appreciated! Ladder ball sounds fun! I don't know that I have ever played it before? And I am sure that Samwise cooked up some dang good ribs! Ah I miss good BBQ...... And I miss Sam but mostly BBQ, Haha!!

Ah I am so happy that Ems had such a good time with the Book of Mormon read-a-thon! It has changed my life and I know if anyone reads it that it will change their life too. There is a reason that it is the keystone of our religion because without it we would have no religion! Read it, I dare any of you! You will definitely find out that Joseph Smith is a prophet and then you will know that we have a Prophet on the Earth today!

A thought for you all that I had at the baptism this Saturday. It was the closing Hymn of the baptism and we were singing, "I am a child of God." It was in the third verse and we sang the line, "If I can learn to do his will" and the Spirit hit me very strongly that learning to do little acts of Obedience is the reason that we are here. Not to show God that in a time of great crisis that we can stand by him, but simply to learn, "His Will." If we can learn his will by doing the simple things then the promise is sure, "We will live with him someday." How amazing is that. All we need to do are small simple things and we can again live with God and receive the greatest of all of his gifts, the gift of eternal life. That is a gift that I want very badly.

Well, I hope you all are doing well and that you have a wonderful week! See you in 9 days!!!


Elder Kmetzsch

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  1. Thank you, ELder Kmetzsch! I have learned from and been uplifted by you letters. I will miss them! I, and my family, love your Mom and Dad very much and gained so much from them being in our Lynnfield Ward back in Massachusetts! Congratulations on fulfilling a very fine mission!! Love, Nancy Dixon