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Well another transfer has come and gone and it looks like I am going to be spending the next 2 transfers in Aberystwyth. I have been called to Train a new missionary and as the District Leader here. Not gonna lie I am freaking out, and not really sure I'm ready for the responsibility of training, being in charge of a district or driving a car on the wrong side of the road. But alas I know that the Lord will give me the knowledge and strength to do whatever he needs me to do! Just pray that I don't crash because the Welsh roads are crazy small and really fast! Like most of the bike paths back home they are as big as some of the two way roads here. It blows my mind. But driving is nice because I've been a passenger for the last 3 months and you know how I get with motion sickness, especially with curvy roads. Thank the Lord for gum or I would have died. So you're probably wondering who my new companion is, and the answer to that is that I don't know! He is currently still in the MTC and I will pick him up on Friday. Currently I am with another Trainer down in Swansea for the week. We are having a blast and he is teaching me a lot about training, seeing as this is his third time. I'm really grateful that I get the week to prepare myself for my boy. 

Car Selfie with the Sisters!
We found Victoria Street! 
It was a great week this last week before Elder Ruttan left. We had the best week ever and just worked the area hard. He definitely left with a bang. Which I am very grateful for because it means that I'm going to have some great investigators to work with, with my boy. To answer Dad's question about tracting, I think the last time I went tracting was like 3 weeks into my mission. We tend to avoid tracting because it isn't an effective way to find people in the mission. We usually are out on the streets talking to people, and we just go to a couple of the busier streets in the town and stop people has they walk by. We have this one hill that leads to the University and all the students walk up and down it all day long, so most days you will find us walking up and down the hill stopping the students as they pass us. Occasionally we go down to the seafront and stop people, but I feel awkward down there because people seem to be annoyed that we are stopping them as they are trying to enjoy the beach. So normally we stick to the town center and the hill to the university. If I ever run into the Polish girl again I will definitely have to sing for her. 

Picture of me with Tom our investigator!
Well spring is here in Wales and my goodness it is beautiful. They have tulips and daffodils everywhere and the wildflowers are just nice. Everyone should really visit Wales in the Spring it is just really pleasant. Also you are right about how cool it is about meeting people from different cultures. I was thinking about it recently and I have met and taught people from all of my brothers, dads, and even grandpa's missions. More than a few from Hong Kong, a few Filipinos, with just one or two from Brazil. I met a guy that lived near Virginia, and have talked to some Germans, (They sold really good bratwursts). I just think that it is pretty cool that I get to meet the people that my brothers loved so much, and equally I am gaining a much deeper appreciation and love for different cultures from all around the world, in this big melting pot. It is just cool! 

Well this week I went to my first pub, and watched a seagull snatch a sandwich right out of a guys hands and in the escape it hit me in the side of the head. It was pretty funny, I think I laughed for like five minutes. The look on the guys face after he lost his sandwich was priceless. I also saw some special forces police with full gear and machine guns, which you never ever see in the UK, so that was cool. Not too many big things happening besides driving all the way to Birmingham from Aberystwyth which takes about 2 and a half hours. We saw a pretty cool castle and got to drive out of our mission boundaries. I was literally like half and hour to an hour away from Elder Jolley at one point on the Journey. Don't worry I waved hello. 

I am really starting to get to know my Bible well. We have some very Christian investigators and they are pushing me to study it more. They even challenged me to look for the Trinity in the Bible, as of now I have not been successful in finding it. Only in finding more evidence that they are indeed separate but one in purpose. But there is way more in the Bible than I ever thought. I'm really glad that I'm taking the time to get to know it better. I've been using the 17 points card that Dad gave me a lot, mostly as just a starting place for my studies and then I add to it. I've found that most of it is there if you just look hard enough, but I can definitely see why people have so many interpretations and conflicts. All you need to do is add one thing, the Book of Mormon and you've completely the recipe. I just don't know why people don't see that. But that's what my job is right? To help them see the importance of it.

I don't have all the much time so I will stop ranting now, but I hope that you all are just doing amazing. Good luck with the garden Torie, and Emma you need to stop growing up... Give Lucy my love and tell her that I miss her! Oh yeah and I love and miss Mom and Dad too:)

Love you guys,

Elder Kmetzsch 

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