Thursday, August 7, 2014

The MTC is Great, but I Hate Role Plays!!!

Departed July 30, 2014

Family & Friends,

Wow... that flight was long and no I didn't sleep. But I made it and I am at the MTC. They fed us and we moved in, so it's all good. England is great I really love the cool weather and the humidity. It's really fun at the MTC cause a lot of the people are British and have super cool accents. I ate lunch with an Elder that Emma would find very good looking and he has a sweet accent. We haven't gotten our companions yet so I will let you know who he is and send some pictures next time. So I had a really cool experience on the plane ride over. I was sitting next to a kid my age and he wasn't a member. We got to talking and he has some LDS friends and new a little about the church, but not much. He was very religious and super curious to clear up any misconceptions he had about the our church. So we talked for like 2 hours about our beliefs and how the gospel is different from other churches. We talked about the plan of salvation, the word of wisdom, the priesthood, and the Book of Mormon. He asked about agency and just a lot of questions! It was pretty cool! Being the social butterfly that I am I challenged him to read the book of mormon and he said that he would and seemed pretty genuine! I know he probably won't but at least the seed has been planted right? Anyway I'm loving it over here and only have a short time to write. Love you guys!!

Elder Kmetzsch 

One Week Later August 6, 2014

Family & Friends,

The MTC is great! I love getting to know the other Elders and have made some pretty good friends. The three that I'm closest to are two Elders that I flew over with and one I met here, Elder Allred Elder Barton and Elder Poll. They have shown me a lot of love and I'm really sad that Elders Allred and Barton are going to Scotland/Ireland!! My companions name is Elder Michelson pronounced Mick not Mike. He is a short super skinning kid from South Weber and his dad has worked at Hill Air force base for a long time so maybe Dad knows him? But Elder Michelson is a good example to me he is super obedient and basically a walking scripture set! Whenever we get stuck in a lesson he just pulls a scripture out of nowhere it's really awesome! He is however not very social so I really miss talking.... I know Nate is laughing but he misses my constant jabber!!! 

Elder Kmetzsch and Elder Michelson

This last week has been pretty long at times but overall has gone by pretty fast! I love one of my teachers Brother Walsh and he says every day is faster than the last on the mission. My district is pretty great although they have no focus! Elder Allred and I are two of the better behaved ones and it's starting to get frustrating that certain Elders need to be constantly making jokes and saying stupid things. I am learning that just because you grew up in the gospel doesn't mean that you listened cause some of the clarifications we need to make are a little scary! Also in my district are Elder Linguist and Horgmo from Sweden and Norway! They are pretty funny and don't know that some words are not good to use ha ha! Elder Horgmo kept saying the S word every time he goes to the bathroom. He is getting better now that we have told him it is a swear word! We went to the temple today and that was an amazing break and I'm excited to go to the store today to pick up a few things I am missing!

Me at the Preston Temple

Me & Elder Barton and Elder Poll

Overall everyday is pretty much the same here and we do a lot of role plays. I HATE ROLE PLAYS!!!! I just need to get out of here and start my mission! Yes I am learning a lot but I need to teach real people and get real experience before I can be a confident teacher! Things are going good though and I'm getting really excited to leave! I love you all so much and miss you guys an incredible amount.

Love, Elder Kmetzsch (Jakey)

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